About Gerardas

Gerardas Raitas Šatūnas was born 1964, Lithuania, in the City of Šilutė,
but he grew up in Druskininkai. He graduated from the Tallinn University
of Arts (Estonia) in 1990, being specialized in the craft of stained glass.
At that time he already worked together with his father in their shared
atelier, where his main focus was the glass working as well.

Gerardas was active for the glass factory 'Ausra' in Vilnius, where he
made glass cups and vases. The technique of blowing the glass, by the way
is a skill one has to maintain every day. After his practice at the glass
factory, he became a wide profile master. Stained glass panels created by
him decorate several state buildings in Lithuania and numerous of churches
on the country side.

From 1990 till 1995 Gerardas was occupied preparing future art students for
their exams in joining VDA (Fine Arts Academy of Vilnius), teaching composition,
drawing techniques, as well as water color, acryl and oil painting. In this
period Gerardas also did quite some stained glass restoration.

Gerardas Raitas Šatūnas held exhibitions of his paintings at several art
galleries in Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark and the
Netherlands. He paints architecture, still life, landscape, and posing using
mixed techniques.

Geras traveled a lot and also lived in Kampenhout - Belgium, and Rotterdam.
Apart from being a master glass artist, Gerardas has many more artistic talents,
doing paintings, fresco's, photography and drawings. Also especially worth
mentioning are his scalpel scratches.

Geras' philosophy is that art doesn't need to be all that fluffy, but may be a
little bit dark as well. His work he tends to sell at an agreeable price. At the
moment he has his own glass oven in the city Druskininkai, where he is working
together again with his father. He is always happy to take any assignments for
customized art work at your service.

Depending on the extent of the project your genuine by Gerardas Raitas Šatūnas
made windows, doors or lamps will be ready in only a few weeks. If you have
questions, for instance about the installation, or if you would just like to order
some work, you can easily contact Gerardas over the phone, the e-mail, Linked-in
or Facebook.


phone        : +37060663396
e-mail       : grsatunas (at) yahoo.co.uk


- Since 18 December 2003
      Member of CBK Rotterdam City - Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst [CBK]

- Since 29 April 1999
      Member of Lithuania Artists Association (LDS)
      Certificate for professional artists: No 001285

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